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Reel to Reel to CD services since 1997 reel to reel to CD conversions
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Professional Audio Services established online in 1997 Evaluate your reels for $10, tape baking is free with service.

Custom audio CDs made from
Reel to Reel tapes!

ReelToReelToCD.com will convert your open reel tape to
a clean sounding CD without TAPE NOISE!
Do you have an irreplaceable Reel to Reel tape recording that you would like converted to Compact Disc so you can add it to your CD collection or MP3 player? We will make a digital recording of your tape, Noise Reduction removes tape noise, hiss or hum. Harmonic Enhancement restores lost frequencies. Compression evens out volume level fluctuations. The result, a CD that sounds better than the source tape! Duplicate CDs are as low as $5 each with no minimums! (Archival Quality CDs exclusively) If you have photos or artwork to scan, attractive custom jackets and labels can be made as well. An excellent gift idea! Preserve that special tape that's getting old. Super fast turnaround time! Most single orders processed and shipped in 24 hours! Yes, we bake tapes! (as needed, no charge) Mystery tapes? No problem! Evaluate your tapes for $10 each. Click here for more details.
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Our service completely restores your recordings!
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*If your tape has pre-recorded music, duplicates will only be available if you own the copyright on the recording.
Please email with any questions.
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