What our clients say about Reel to Reel to CD

King Tet's Clients come from everywhere!

Hello Eric, I received my CD in the mail today from you and am amazed at the quality of the CD! I don't believe I had ever listened to the reel to reel tape of my clarinet solo, but am so happy that now I have it on CD with such fine quality. Really appreciate your service! Blessings,
Marty P. Willowbrook, IL

Hi Erik,
Just dropping you a note to say thank you for a fantastic job and prompt service.
The tenor singing is my father--at least I'm 99% sure--I'll have to find out when I play it for him. The recordings would have been made when he was younger than I am now (46). He must've been in his late 30s when he made those, so needless to say, it was a miraculous find. There's also a lot of a contralto singing--I don't know who that is.
Thanks again for great service--I'll recommend you to anyone who needs a similar job.
Mark K. Baltimore, MD


Again my family would like to thank you for bringing this lost recording back to life. Your work has touched many lives and we are all so grateful. We expected so little and got so much. It sounds like he was recorded in a studio, it's just that good. You are the best.

Danny Hamerly and family
Orange, TX

Hello Eric--

Thanks very much for converting the 40+ year-old audio tape of the concert that my wife performed when she was studying at the Conservatory of the Eastman School of Music. The quality of the CD that you sent to us is wonderful (I'd have thought that anyway, but Sue's classically-trained ears couldn't believe how full and rich the sound on the CD is......., and without any scratchy sounds nor other distortions---- which, frankly, we had expected to be "automatic" given the raw material that you had to work with).

The professionalism that you showed us didn't start-and-end with your successful conversion of the original tape to a quality digital CD. The several emails that you sent me so I was kept aware of the progress of your work were much appreciated hand-holding. AND, the turnaround-time you managed was amazing. I took the original tape to our local post office on a Monday afternoon; the following Saturday afternoon (!) we were enjoying our new CD as we played it in our home. It was a real pleasure for me to have been a customer of yours! I wish we had more old tapes so that we could also have you convert them to CDs.

You certainly have my permission to share our great satisfaction regarding your work with other customers or future customers (just keep our email address confidential, please).

Most Sincerely,

Henry Schmitt
Los Altos, CA

Dear Eric,

Sincerest thanks for producing the CD of my original organ compositions. I was impressed with the patience you demonstrated in producing this CD. The quality of your work is outstanding! I never believed anybody could take a reel to reel tape and make the organ sound just as great as it does in our sanctuary. So, once again thank you and God bless.

Arthur Preuss, Sr.
Director of Music & Organist
St. John's Lutheran Church
Racine, WI

We received the CD today and we could not have been more thrilled, delighted! Thank you so very much for your courtesy, concern, and professionalism, and for the superb quality of the sound. We have listened again and again to the beautiful renditions of "Because," "O Promise Me," and "The Lord's Prayer" sung at our wedding. We're blessed that we will be able to share it with the very special friend who sang for us.

Again, my sincere thanks, With respect,

Bill H.
Gulf Shores, AL

Hello Eric,

The CD's arrived Saturday. I am very pleased with the quality. I was a little nervous sending my reel to reels across the country but you did a fine job and what a great turn around time! Thank you so much.

Elizabeth H.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Hi Eric,

We received the CD today. You're right, it truly is 11 min. of Gold. Thank you so much for restoring this memory. We wish you and your family a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Most Gratefully,

N. Maine


We have had a wonderful time listening to the CDs. What a trip down memory lane for us and a thrill to be able to share that time in our lives with our children.

Diana F.

Your CD’s arrived today. Fantastic turnaround! One week total, including shipping across the country, can’t beat that.  I am listening to them right now. I suspected the reel-to-reel would be a high quality recording, but still… 54 years old? The resulting CD blew me out of the water! Unbelievable.

The CD from the LP is equally impressive. It was a “no-name” record label but the CD is great quality and virtually no background noise. It probably sounds better than it did on a turntable many years ago. That record was also over 50 years old. I have a few more vinyl LP’s stored in our crawlspace, the “tomb” as my wife calls it. I’ll be digging them out in the near future and sending them out for you to do your magic.
Thanks Eric, for your personal attention and meticulous workmanship. Two rare qualities in today’s world.

Jim Padar Chicago, IL

Hi Eric,

I got the CDs yesterday and they are fabulous! Thank you so much. I’m sure once his brothers and sisters hear them, they will want a copy. I will forward your information to them so that they can order copies.

I hope you have a great Father’s Day. I have a feeling Jeff will be enjoying his immensely listening to these CDs.
Thank you again.
Deb V. Eastport, NY

Eric, The order arrived late Monday afternoon. They are WONDERFUL! They are so clear---no static noises and the photo-art work on them both is terrific. My family will be thrilled to get them. I plan to bring a box of Kleenex when I present them….there will not be a dry eye I am sure! (To hear my parent’s voices again was very moving. My eyes were more than damp!)

You did a superb job and I certainly will “sing your praises” to any and all who ask…”Where did you get these done?” I will be checking all those cassettes I have stored in a drawer to see if there are any more that need to be remastered.

Thank you for your work…the turn around time was amazing! Start to finish in less than a week! I am so pleased. Thank you, thank you. Have a very happy holiday.


Jan B.
Bordentown, NJ

Hi Eric,

What I would rather have done was pick up the phone and personally thank you for the CDs. I have sat here mesmerized listening to my family. The tears are flowing so badly that it is hard to write. I don’t know what I enjoyed the most. It was great to hear my father laugh again. I could not believe how well the songs by my Dad sounded from so long ago. Wow, the memories---- What a special gift this will be to the children and grandchildren.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Catherine M. Severn

Hi, Eric...

I wanted to let youknow that I'm really pleased with what you did in transferring my tape to CD. It sounds much better than I thought it would. And, you did a wonderful job with the artwork. I enjoyed working with you. The best to you!

Roger K.
Monticello, IN

Hi Eric,

Just letting you know that the CD has arrived, and it's beautiful!!!

Thanks so much! Have a great summer! Best regards,

Sally B.

Hi Eric:

I loved the chance to listen again to my great grand-father's 100+ years old music. You did a very fine job! Thanks,

Mike W.
Trenton, NJ

Dear Eric,

I was very pleased with the updated CD's you mailed. Sound is good and I have sent them on to his siblings It's truly amazing that we can have some music melodies from him after almost 40 years. Thanks for all your expertise.

Florence H.
Richfield, MN

Hi Eric,

Just got the CD, thanks, you did a great job, and it is a legacy that I can give my grand kids who have never heard me play.

Barry B.
West Palm Beach, FL

Just awesome. We are excited. Your price was great by the way. Undoubtedly you’ll get our future business and I’ll be recommending you to my 80 plus employees and 15 partners as well as my other clients. Super experience thus far.

David C. Jackson, MS
3AM Consulting, LLC

I got the cds. Thanks so much they were terrific. I enjoyed them so much. I’ll get the rest out to you this week.

Turid J.
Newton, NJ


I received the package today 9/26. Words can not express the thanks for you having the CD turn out so well. For a tape that was over 50 years it was beautiful. I am so glad you told me about someone talking as it turned out it was my fathers voice. From listening to the CD the tape was one of the first my dad made when he was still in the marine corp. The dedications he made on that tape brought tears to both mine and my uncles eyes. And I know when my mom gets a copy she will cry her eyes out. I am so grateful I found you. If my step mother ever gives me the rest of the tapes that are in my dads home I will be getting in touch with you to have CD's made.

Again thank you so much I know my dad is smiling down on me and you for providing this for our family and friend to have the fond memories and listen to his voice. Thank you.

Bernadette B.
Las Vegas, NV

It arrived today, Eric. You are quick! It sounds great -- thank you for your help.

Michelle K.
Frisco, TX

Thanks again Eric,

I received the CD yesterday and it did come out very nicely. It is great to have the tape preserved on a CD. I look forward to sharing it with my husband on our anniversary in July. Regards,

Cathe F.
Princeton, New Jersey

GREAT job on the reproduction of those reel to reels. I'm gonna pass on your info to others that may need your services. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job. I t is so special to all of our family.

Darryl R. Riverside, CA

Hi Eric -

Your package came today and I was very impressed with your work - your attention to detail was obvious and the content was in perfect condition - the CD's were of the highest quality, and I am very pleased with you professional capabilities - Thank you sincerely for your attention to my old lost tapes - they are going to be quite an item amongst the old members of the band - and our old friends - Thank You!

Bill H.
Titusville, FL


CD's and tapes arrived today. It certainly brings back great memories from 1971. Thank you.

Richard W.
Millington, TN

I received the package today. Thank you for the memories. I've cried twice so far. coming from a family of nine kids, there was alot of "happy birthday" singing. I appreciate your quickness and professional work. I'm passing your name around and will be in touch again soon.

Pat G. Ridge, NY


Shipment received. I have another reel send you. Quality of the 1st tape was great! Thanks,

John V.
Kalamazoo, MI

Thanks Eric-

got the package and they sound great!

Kathy B.
San Diego, CA

Dear Eric,

We received the CD on Sat. and my husband and I enjoyed listening to our memory. The sound quality was very good.

Kazuko F.
Vienna, VA


Thanks for the remastering of my old tape to CD, it came off excellent.

Jim S.
Battle Lake MN

I have received the CDs and they are wonderful. I never thought I would hear the original ceremony again. Ray and I have been married 31 years now. Thank you so much.

Patty S.
Tyler, TX

Hi Eric

Received my 50 year old reel to reel to CDs yesterday The CDs sounded great Thank you & Merry Christmas

Angelo Z.
San Francisco, CA


I am belated in thanking you for the conversions of my reel to reel tapes. I am very pleased with the results! I will definitely keep you in my office file if I have future need of any of your services. Thank you greatly!

Diana L. Spearfish

Hello Eric,

I just wanted to let you know how much I love the CD you made for us from the reel to reel tape I sent you of our wedding ceremony. I just love it!! I had no idea it would be so clear! We were married 38 years ago and though I may have listened to the tape a time or two early on, we have not had that kind of tape recorder in a long, long time! It just made me so happy to hear the music, our minister's voice and then our voices saying our vows again. Just incredible! I kept clapping and "high-fived" my husband multiple times during the listening of the CD. So thank you VERY MUCH! What a wonderful service you have provided us!

Jane M.
Jefferson City, MO


The CDs are great! Many thanks.

Bob M.
Murray Hill, NJ

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your prompt return of tape and CD work. A good job on such an old and probably warped tape. Looking forward to more work with you.

Nancy F.
Culver City, CA

Dear Eric,

I received my order today. The recording is wonderful! You are a real magician! THANK YOU! Sincerely,

Aleksandr Z.
Brooklyn, NY

Dear Mr. Van der Wyk,

Thank you so much for the great job you did on the CDs. They are
just perfect! My husband will be so thrilled with them. Again,
thank you so much. Sincerely,

Catherine C.
Beaumont, TX


I wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the way the project turned out. The quality of the sound was much better than I expected from such an old (almost 50 years) recording. The turnaround and communication were awesome too. Thanks for your good work. Greg H. Irvine, CA

Hi Eric-

You certainly have made our Xmas bright! The CD of my grandfather is just the right gift for my 94 year old Aunt Buzzie who can be heard in the background. Excellent work. Thank You!

Robert O.
Santa Cruz, CA


I want to express my appreciation for the excellent job you did converting my reel to reel tapes to Cd's. The tapes were all well over 50 years old and the quality was terrific. Just as important was your level of communication, timely returned phone calls and professionalism. To top it all the job was done with a two day turnaround as you promised.

It is always a gamble selecting someone from the internet but in this case I feel fortunate that I selected your company. Please don't hesitate to use me as a reference.

Thanks again for a great job. Sincerely,

David C. Henderson

My CD's came yesterday Eric. What a great job you did for me transferring audio from an early 60's tape to CD's. You helped save a treasure that may well have been lost at anytime. Thanks again!

Jim L.
Carson City, MI


I received the disks today and immediately listened. Frankly, the remastered recording you made sounds better than I remember the tape sounding. Anyway, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. I enjoyed chatting the other day on the phone and am impressed with your professional skills. I certainly will refer you to my friends. Thanks again. Chip J.
Gladwyne, PA

Dear Eric,

I can't tell you how wonderful it was to hear the CDs you made for us. My Dad's mother passed away in New Zealand 2 months before I was born and thanks to you, I got to hear her voice. It was so awesome and I've heard from my brothers and sisters and plenty of tears were shed. Thank you so much Eric! LaRa B.
Globe, AZ

Thanks Eric. You are very pleasant to work with.

Bob W.
Austin, TX

Hi Eric,

I received my CDs and reels back. All I can say is THANK YOU. My
husband and his family will be thrilled. I put in the first CD and
began to cry. You see, this is the very first time I have heard this my
father-in-law's voice. By the time we met, he was so ill, he had lost
the ability to speak and stayed that way until he passed from his long
battle with Lou Gerig's disease. There will be others in the family who
never heard his voice before, too. It is a blessing I can't verbalize.
Thank you also for taking good care of, and returning, these reels.

Katherine C. Beckley
(this client tried another service who lost one of the tapes)

Thanks Eric! Received CDs today and they appear to be what I remember from decades ago. Would never have been possible with the old reels!

Don L.
Marion, IN

Received the CD. Perfect and really appreciated your efforts. Brought a tear to my wife's eye!

Ken G.
Rotonda West, FL

Hi Eric, I have received the Cd's and I am THRILLED!!! Not bad for being just a kid uh!! Anyway do you have a master of this work if I were to order more Cd's ? I have a large family and many friends have already hear of this and they all want a copy. Thanks again. We love it. You are GREAT at your talents!!

Vernon & Jenny W.
Groveland, FL

Hi, Eric. I received the CD yesterday, and previewed it last night. Having never heard the tape of my wedding (and being in a daze at the time), it was a fantastic experience. I will be giving the CD to my wife for our 36th Anniversary. Thank you for the superb service. You can be assured that I will avail myself of your services in the future. Warmest Regards, Dan F.
Avondale, AZ

Hi Eric. I received both packages today and am already playing them! Boy, it brings so many memories and emotions back. Thank you!

Mary H.
Carlsbad, CA

Thanks for the good recordings. The one tape was not what we thought it was. But the wedding was worth every penny, the sound was much better then I expected. If I ever find my graduation tape I will send it to you. Thanks again.

Ed G.
Andover, NJ

Hi Eric,

The CD's are truly amazing. You did a fabulous job. I got them this evening & listened to all of the performances. The quality is terrific. The labeling perfect. The whole process was a pleasure from start to finish !! I'm incredibly pleased !! Thank you so much.

Debbie Hamm
New York, NY

Thank you very much for the CDs - from tapes which have to be over 30 years old. They are wonderful. Clarke A.
Celebration FL

I have finally gotten through the Weldon tapes and found them PERFECT! Every bit as much fun as I remembered. Quite a stroll down memory lane (forty years ago!!!)

Lloyd Pye www.LloydPye.com
Panama City Beach, FL

Hi Eric!!!

We are in the process of moving out of our home and the house is in chaos, but yesterday when your CDs arrived, I stopped everything and sat down to listen. First of all, I couldn't believe how quickly you completed and returned them! I was blown away! They sound so clear and these will be priceless keepsakes for years to come! Tears filled my eyes as the voices of all 5 of my siblings, my parents, and songs from my childhood came flooding through the speakers. To you, this may be just another job well done, but to me . . . . these are treasures beyond compare! Thank you! Thank you!

Lisa Henson
Round Rock, TX

Hi Eric,

I’ve received the tape and CDs. I will listen to them over and over again. Thank you very much,

Elena S.
Los Angeles, CA

Eric thank you so much for the tapes--just listening to the 'unknown' tape that you rescued. It is a very historic occasion and I am delighted that you have put it on a CD--perfect. I will listen to the remainder in the next few days. This tape is so very clear as if it was recorded yesterday--just wonderful. I wonder if you understand Urdu? Many thanks.

Firyal S.
Longmeadow, MA


I listened to the CD's and was truly amazed at the quality of the sound. I am very pleased with what you were able to do especially with the old tapes. I am very satisfied with the quality of your work.

Bruce J.
Houston, TX

Eric i received the cds and they are just what i wanted thank you and i'll certainly use you again when i have more things like this to get done thanks again

Walter M.
Rocky Hill, CT


The CD's arrived yesterday, and I had a happy time strolling down memory lane as I listened to them. (I also just heard from my friend, who is very pleased with her flute CD. You'll probably be hearing from Janis M. some time in the future with some other tapes to convert.)
I think you did a great job of extracting the maximum good sound out of what were definitely NOT professional recordings, either in quality of the equipment used or the "engineering" of where to place mikes. I was pleasantly surprised at how clear much of it sounds. Bravo!

Mandy W.
Alexandria, VA

Oh my word!!! I can't tell you how much this means to me. My daddy passed away this past September. So finally being able to hear this after almost 40 years brought back sweet memories.
I listened to this CD and I cried and I laughed till I hurt!
Thanks again!! I will certainly recommend you to my friends and family.

Viv R.
Dallas, TX

Thanks for the very nice transfer job on my reel-to-reel tape. It was great to hear these tracks from my old college band again after 20+ years. Thanks again!

Dan B.
Auburndale, MA


It came out Great--thank you so much--it's only 50 years old, and sounds wonderful. Let me see what else I can find

Bill S.
Westport, CT

Hi, I received everything just fine. The quality is just great;
I will have some more things to send to you in about a month when I
get it all together. There are more of those old reel to reel tapes to get done.
Thanks a lot.

Marilyn R.
Ann Arbor, MI

Hi Eric, WOW!....the disc's arrived today, and we put them the ol Bose, and are we ever pleased with your work. Set here and it took us back to the Lazy B ranch high in the Colorado Rockies near Estes Park, and we could visualize Tom Justin and his boys. Great memories for us and I really think you somehow "enhanced" the recordings. Thanks again, and will be happy to recommend your services to any who may want reference...

Bill M.
Deming, NM

For nearly three decades, I have been collecting my favorite songs for each calendar year on 10-inch reel-to-reel tapes. I now have 24 12-hour tapes representing the best rock-and-roll music of each year through the 1970's, 80's and 90's. The music from each of tape brings back fond memories of my youth. Each reel took days to create, and since I no longer own most of the albums from which I copied the songs, they are irreplaceable. I have been thinking about digitizing each tape for several years, but could not stand the thought of losing a reel in the mail or poor handling by an audio technician.

After talking extensively with Eric, who was very patient with me, I finally decided to try sending him two tapes. I was so pleased with the results that over the last several months I have had Eric convert every single one of my tapes to compact disk. At one point early in the process, Eric decided he could improve the quality of the copies with better equipment, so he upgraded his shop to get me the sound quality we both appreciate, and then offered to retransfer the tapes he completed earlier with his older equipment free of charge. It has been a pleasure working with Eric and I appreciate his strive for perfection throughout the process. I definitely plan to send Eric my new reels for transfer as I complete them and continue to expand my music library.

Bob H.
Las Vegas, NV

Eric - thank you very much for the work you did -- it's a miracle after all these years to have this! Carolyn E.
Laconia, NH


I just wanted to thank you for the work that you did on my fathers 30 year old reel to reel cantata tapes. You were so professional and did exactly as you said you'd do. No disappointments! My family is so very pleased with the outcome. Thank you again from me and my family,

Charles (Chuck) Norris
Tampa, Florida

Dear Eric,

The CD's arrived yesterday (Thursday). I've played one all the way through and it's perfect. For something nearly half a century back, the presence is remarkable. Many thanks, and I will surely call on you again if there are similar needs in future. Best,

Steve B.
Spencertown, NY

Hello Eric:

A note to say I received the CDs today and of course listened to all four. You've done a great job. Thank you. And, I will definitely refer you to my friends who may need your services. And, hopefully soon, I can have my own childhood reels for you to copy.
Thank you again for the speedy and excellent customer service you provided which seems to be such a rare commodity lately...
Best regards,

Meline T.
Burbank, CA

Eric: I received tapes today. They are terrific. The sound is great and the cover is great. Thank you for another job well done.

Terry S.
Trenton, NJ

Hi Eric,

I just received the discs today and I am thoroughly impressed with the speed and authenticity of the CD's. This is such a wonderful gift for my husband to be able to listen to his late fathers music. Again, it was a pleasure working with you, I will definitely recommend you to anyone!

Victoria Salerno
Horsham, PA

Just to let you know my CD's arrived today and I am very pleased at how well they turned out. It brings back a lot of memories. Thank you,

Yvonne F.
Oroville, CA


Thank you so very much for the extra time and effort you gave to make Dad's CD. You did an excellent job! The tone quality and professional look create a complete package. Now Dad's music can live on through future generations!

Bonnie Christensen
Oldest daughter of Arthur Preuss, Sr.
Racine, WI


I got the CD's and tapes today. I can't thank you enough. The quality was excellent better than I expected. I haven't gone through all of them yet but it was so good to hear my brother's voice again. It has meant so much to my family. You will never know. My mother just left hear with tears in her eyes. I intend to send you the next batch this week. Thanks again

Ron J.
Columbus OH


I wanted to thank you for the outstanding job you did in transferring a 40-year old reel-to-reel tape to CD. The CD sounds great! I found out about your audio service from a Google web search. But, because I live in Virginia, I was initially a little reluctant to send the original tape to you in California. But, now I sure am glad I did. I could not believe that you did the transfer on the same day that you got the tape and that you sent it back the next day. I actually got the tape and the new CD back in only 6 days after I mailed it to you! Thanks again for a great job!

Gary P.
Norfolk, VA

Hey Eric. Just wanted to say thanks for converting my old tapes. Nice job. Brian O.
Modesto, CA

You are my hero. They all sound fantastic and I am so happy I found you. You are indeed a magician. The memories are irreplacible. Now my 90 year old mother can hear her mother from 1960 and our garage band from that same year sounds nice and clean. No more threading. Hooray. After a vacation I will be sending you the next batch. Feel free to use my comments in your advertisement. Thanks again. Your new BFF,

Dennis M.
Long Island, NY

WOOOOW ! It arrived Monday. Now that's fast turnaround. It plays real (pun intended) well. I never thought we would ever hear that
old tape of 48 years ago. You are a miracle worker. Thanks so very much. Your work is astonishing both in work ethic and final product. I wish others had your commitment.

Nate W.
Middleton, WI

Thanks for the excellent job and quick response time.

Ferne K.
Miami, FL

Hello Eric,

I received the CDs a couple of days ago and I am thrilled! I know my late husband’s brother and mom will be thrilled to hear his voice again when I give them these for Christmas! Of course, it brought tears to my eyes to hear his voice but it is also such a comfort. Now his voice is not silenced forever. Thanks again!

Carolyn J.
Tulalip, WA


I just received and listened to the 1949 paper tape you rescued to a CD. I could not believe my ears! It sounded like it was recorded yesterday. My clients will think I am a miracle worker. Thanks for the great job! Have a great holiday season,

Alan F.
Brandon, FL

I appreciate the first class job you did and will try to get you more business.

Dick B.
Williamsburg, VA

Hi Eric,

I want to thank you for the very fast service mastering my old audio tape to cd. The tape is of my high school (Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania) band concert and I recorded it way back in 1965. I hadn't listened to it for at least 35 years and of course no longer have any equipment to play it, much less produce a master.
The CD is very nice and clear and I am very pleased with your work.
I am going to attend my class reunion in the next two weeks (it is the first time that I have ever attended) and intend to take copies of the audio CD with me to hand out to friends. I hope they enjoy it as much as I do.
Thanks again for the great work.

John H.
Enola, PA

Hi, Eric,

I have received & enjoyed all 3 CD's. It is nice to recapture songs & memories from 40+ years ago. Thanks for your efforts & talents. Kind regards,

Rich C.


We got the CD on Saturday and put it in almost immediately.
What a thrill it was to hear our 1968 wedding ceremony for the first time! Thanks so much for a job well done! Both of our fathers (who were the ministers who married us) and the organist have gone on to heaven. Hearing their voices and music again was worth far more than the cost of the CD! Thank you, again.

Jackie B.
Oklahoma City, OK

The CDs arrived and are wonderful! Thank you so much for helping us preserve some very important voices in our family!

Barbara S.
Allentown, PA


I received the CD's today and quickly went to myStereo. (Just to reassure you, I have a big system with anice set of Infinity towers.) So I went to my system and put inthe first CD. I was in shock. The sound was so incredibly clear I felt like I was sitting right there in the MooseLodge allof those years ago! Eric what an incredible job you have done! This was not just about transferring the music from the reel to CD but the sound engineeringyou did really made the listening experience as close to being there as you could imaginepossible. I could clearly hearDad's old56 ES 175 Gibson strumming away and for the first time I can remember in years... Ok so I'm getting a little teary eyed right here now. Man you blew me away! Thank you again Eric. I can not imagine what the extended family is going to say when they hear this. Warmest Personal Regards,

Dave Schroeder
Hillsboro, OR


I received the CD's and they came out really well. They are very clear. Thanks.

Dan Teach

I had several fifty year old 7” reel-to-reel tapes and some thirty year old cassette tapes transcribed to CD. Eric did an excellent job with very difficult material; much of the material was very fragile, noisy and recorded in a nonstandard format. Eric sorted it all out. I also had two old out of print LPs transferred to CD.I was very apprehensive about sending Eric my irreplaceable tapes through the mail but Eric told me the safest way and within a few days I had the original tapes and the new CDs back in my hands. Eric keeps a copy on file so that you can order copies if you wish or use him as a back up. The CDs have brought the family an immense amount of pleasure and are to me priceless. As you know, tapes are fragile and are apt to dry out, crack and break, so do not delay in either duplicating them onto another tape or getting a transfer to CD.

David P.

Hi Eric-

Thank you for the CDs. They came out very nice. Good printing and good audio. Thank you so much for the great job you done. Thanks,

Don R.
Redondo Beach, CA

I listened to entire CD right away and very satisfied. Considering I am a retired old IBM fart, I don't know how many more tapes will be considered but you are definitely the only prospect for future jobs of this nature. Rest assured I will relay this information to everyone whom I think may have need of this type of service. Thanks again for your prompt and EXCELLENT service. Until then, Cordially,

Vern Russ

Hi Eric,

Just received the CDs as we returned today. Thank you so very much! The quality is really excellent and I am delighted that it worked so well. I shall certainly pass on your name with great praise. Thanks again.

Grace B.
North Andover, MA

Hi Eric,

I got the package in today....It sounds great. I cant believe that after this much time you were able to restore it to that quality....Thanks so much!!!!

Richey A.
Hoschton, GA


I just listened to the CD. Everything was terrific! I'm just amazed that after 38 years, the tapes held up well enough to even copy. Thanks for doing such a great job transferring them to a CD!!!

Bill D.
New Port Richey, FL

Thank you for the successful transfer to a CD. We appreciate having a more usable and permanent record. Your prompt service and reasonable cost are a plus.

Jesse and Elaine W.
Newberg, OR

Exceeded our expectations for quality and service, best run business. Eric made the process fun and enjoyable, easy to work with and very professional in estimating cost and clear about possible results or lack of results.

Gordon & Judy S.
Vacaville, CA
(these folks are repeat customers, 8 tapes converted so far!)


The CD sounds great! Thanks so much for doing this. I'm really glad I finally got around to preserving my mother's voice and I'm especially glad I found someone to do such a great job with this precious material!

Los Angeles, CA

Hi Eric:

I am finally home and I have been listening to the tape. I am very delighted with it. Never thought I would hear it again. My kids can't get over that that is their father's voice from so long ago. A young person, at that. I am very, very pleased at how quickly you turned it around. and I am pleased with the quality of what you provided. Thank you so much. Dorothy B.

hi eric--

i am overwhelmed. i laughed, i cried, i was mortified. the cds came on sat., but it took me 'til last night to hear them all (due to both time and emotional impact).

i, too, am amazed at the quality considering it was a cheap little tape recorder with one of those little plastic stand-up microphones and the records i recorded were played on a cheap little phonograph. (radio songs are pretty bad but that was just poor reception on the radio.) and the conversation is great, too. stupid, but great quality. you did a fabulous job, esp. the way you fit everything in so neatly. your math background shows!

Pam B.
New Jersey

Hi Eric,

Thank you for such excellent customer service, a rarity nowadays.

Tom T.
Greenwich, CT

Eric -- Thank you so much. Your talent of recovering a forty-year-old tape was a very special gift to me. I was so touched yesterday when I played the CD.

Beverly Schmidt
Leonardo, NJ


I just received the CDs. Priceless! Thank you very much.

Daan L.
Renton, WA

Dear Eric,

I am so pleased not only with the excellent sound quality of the two CDs that you recently created for me, but for your exceptional and expedient service, as well. As you recall, I delivered to you a reel-to-reel tape that was over 30 years old! The other was a cassette tape that was about 8 years old. I had no idea what to expect. But, I was absolutely amazed at the clarity and quality of sound after you transferred them to the CDs! (And, you did it all in one day!) Additionally, thank you so much for your valuable time offered over the telephone when you talked me through accessing the CDs via my computer's CD Rom. You explained to me what the potential problems may have been and, after our telephone discussion, I resolved the issue. I will gladly tell my friends about your services and I'll certainly call upon you again when the need arises. Again, thank you!

C. Kerkis
Los Angeles, CA


I have been meaning to email you and thank you for the CDs you made for me.
They turned out so good and I really appreciate it. To say they were a big hit would be
an understatement.

Candi Swindale

Dear Eric

Just to let you know the CD and tapes arrived ok. We are more than very
pleased with what you have done. Don't know how you were able to do so well with these tapes knowing that the condition of them was not good. My wife and I just listened to them. You can not imagine how much they mean to us. Thank you so much for your efforts.

Max & Edith Bokelman
Cupertino, CA


Thanks for turning around the project so quickly! I must admit that I was a little leery about sending something of great value in the mail to an address on a website, but I can see I made a very wise decision. Thank you for the great work you did in copying the audio from the reel-to-reel. I just know the CD quality is far superior than the original was. It's amazing! I appreciate what you've done. Thanks again! You may be getting future orders from me.

Maria Moberg


I just returned from my trip and I have to let you know that I think you did a
wonderful job on converting my old tapes to CD. They sound wonderful.
They arrived in the mail on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so I was able to listen to them on the long drive from Minneapolis to Chicago. Made that drive much shorter and more pleasant. Thanks again for the fast turn around and the great service.

Minneapolis, MD

Hi Eric,

My daughters recently discovered I had about 30 old reel to reel tapes I had recorded while in the Army in Vietnam and sent to my family in the late 60's. They felt it would be important to save these in a form that could be used today (i.e., CD's), and through the web, I found your service. The CDs arrived today and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the sound, which was quite good. I had never listened to these tapes, so this will be an interesting experience.

Hugh Phelps
Yarmouth, ME


Just wanted you to know that I received the CD and its great!!!! Thank you, it looks like it came from the record store---very professional. I would recommend your services to anyone. Also thank you for the extra bonus you tossed in.
Can't thank you enough,

Mark Orbeck
Lancaster, CA


I got the CDs and the tape today, I listened to the whole game, wow it was even better then I remembered it! You did a great job, the CDs sound wonderful.
Thank you for the great service, and being so nice.

Richard Allen

We are DELIGHTED with the CD! This was for my wife's birthday. Believe it or not, we had never before heard the tape because we didn't have a reel-to-reel tape recorder so we could listen to it. Thank you SO MUCH!

Don Terry

Hi Eric:

The CD copy you made of my 38-year-old 5th Army Band audio tape was perfect; I couldn't be happier. The large tape was professionally recorded in a studio setting by the radio station for broadcast, and your copy sounded like it was the original broadcast. Even the smaller dance band tape, which was recorded during the same era from an open mike during a live performance, was a perfect reproduction. Thanks again for the excellent work.

Joe Darrell

Thank you for the great job and quick turnaround. It is everything I could ask for.

Bob H.,
Waves, NC


Thanks , that is very fast service. As soon as I find my LP's , I will send you some of them.

Robert C.
Bess, Texas

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